Guide for Women Parliamentarians: Supporting Women’s Rights


The guide was prepared by researcher Mahmoud Abdel Zaher. It was issued by Edraak Foundation for Development and Equality and strategic partner Love Matters Program. The guide includes three main axes: the first axis deals with an introduction to understanding gender issues and reproductive rights and sexual rights, as well as explains the concept of discrimination and violence against women in Egypt by applying both concepts to both female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.

The second axis deals with the basic concepts of parliamentary work according to the 2014 Constitution; the composition and organization of the House of Representatives and its main functions. The monitoring tools that can be utilized and the qualitative committees in the House of Representatives that direct the conversation towards the Senate.

Finally, the third axis deals with how to advocate for women’s issues through parliamentary work. This focused on the role of public policies in advocating for women’s issues starting from the public policy-making cycle; what are responsive public policies and how to build alliances and networking as means to advocate for women’s issues. It also included how to build gender-sensitive media content. Furthermore, it contained an appendix of interventions that would advocate for women’s issues at both the legislative and policy levels.


To view the full guide:Parliamentary-Training-Manual-5

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