“Emergency Case G”

Halet Tawareek Geem is the name of the campaign in Arabic. This campaign was launched in conjunction with World Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day on 28 May 2023. The campaign’s name, ‘Emergency Case G’, was chosen based on its recent popularity among girls and women as a reference to menstruation, highlighting its significance in their lives.

Due to the economic crisis, menstrual pads were considered a recreational commodity, resulting in a significant increase in their cost. In light of this, the campaign aimed to address the question: How can women access safe and healthy alternatives to sanitary pads amidst soaring prices? We sought to highlight low-cost alternatives and available tools, emphasizing their safe and easy usage to maintain health and personal hygiene. Thus, we launched a social media campaign to spotlight these alternatives and provide guidance on their healthy and safe use.

The campaign provided a comprehensive review of the most prominent alternative products available on the Egyptian market, including their prices, availability, and proper usage for maintaining hygiene. Additionally, it addressed common myths surrounding menstruation and the use of sanitary pad alternatives, aiming to dispel the culture of shame prevalent in our society, where girls often hide such products in ‘brown bags’.

In addition to our online efforts, we organized a series of offline training sessions to complement our activities and programs, ensuring a hybrid approach to reach a broader audience.

To view the full campaign leaflet, please visit: Emergency case G

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