Violent Crimes Observatory
The Observatory, one of Edraak’s main projects, is a platform for monitoring and documenting data on crimes of violence against women and girls in an attempt to provide an approximate picture of the rates of violence against them and its various forms, supported by data on geographical areas, age of victims, motives for the crime, and gender of the perpetrators.
Our campaigns target issues of discrimination against women
Edraak works on designing campaigns that combat discrimination and violence against women and girls by designing advocacy and support campaigns, as well as issuing studies and reports. The Foundation pays special attention to sexual and reproductive health, community development and economic empowerment programmes for women and vulnerable groups in local communities.
Our activities support women's rights issues
Edraak works on supporting the presence of women and their social, economic and political participation in the public sphere and advocates for their issues to enable them to obtain their full basic rights, achieve gender equality and combat forms of violence and discrimination in the public and private spheres
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Violent Crimes Observatory

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