Emergency “G” Campaign Report

This campaign was launched in conjunction with World Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day on May 28, 2023. The name of the campaign was chosen based on its recent popularity as a reference by girls and women to an important period in their lives, namely menstruation, and here we mean emergency G.

How can women access safe and healthy alternatives to sanitary pads in light of their exorbitant prices?

Our campaign aimed to shed light on the alternatives to sanitary pads that are available and at low cost and how we can use the alternatives safely and easily in a way that preserves our health and personal hygiene. The campaign reviewed the most famous sanitary pads alternatives in the Egyptian market, which products are available, their prices, where they are sold and how to use them and maintain their hygiene. The campaign also tackled the most famous myths about menstruation and sanitary pads alternatives. One of the most popular myths is that girls have to hide their menstrual products in a “brown-black bag” so no one can what is inside. This is based on the culture of shame that prevails in the Egyptian society.

To view the full findings of the campaign, please see the full leaflet in Arabic (for translated versions of the guide, please contact us): emergency-case-G-menstrual-pads-alternatives-newsletter-Ar-2023

ذات صلة