Feminist Initiatives and Groups in Egypt

Digital feminist initiatives have played a key role in advocating for women’s issues in recent years, especially with regard to sexual violence and personal status. They have achieved many gains, specifically in raising awareness, increasing community acceptance, putting some issues on the agenda of decision-makers and achieving gains in favor of women. However, many of these initiatives face difficulties in completing their activities or accessing resources and ultimately, they often stop working.

Many women advocates who are active in primarily digital initiatives face challenges related to organizing their initiatives and/or their positions within the feminist movement. Despite the recent spotlight on several women’s issues concerning the digital sphere such as internet accessibility, the creation of safe spaces, advocacy spaces and cyber violence, the journeys of women advocates or activists who primarily rely on digital spaces for their advocacy efforts and overcome a number of spatial, political and economic barriers to form such initiatives and groups that remain digitally active to support and advocate for women, are rarely highlighted. This is what the Safe Link campaign and its outputs, including a Webinar, tried to tackle and work on.

To view the full campaign bulletin:_recommendation paper- feminist groups in the digital sphere in Egypt

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