Strengthening the Capacities of Women Parliamentarians on Gender Concepts

Edraak Foundation for Development and Equality, in cooperation with Kayan Foundation, organized a three-day training entitled “Enhancing the Capacities of Women Parliamentarians in the House of Representatives and Senate on Gender Concepts.” The interactive training discussed on its first day several topics, such as reproductive health and gender issues, discrimination against women in Egyptian law using the Penal Code as a model, and gender-based violence and its different forms.

On the second day, we dealt with Egypt’s international obligations regarding women’s rights and how to curate gender-sensitive policies.

On the third and final day, the interactive training discussed many topics, the most important of which were: designing and using gender-sensitive parliamentary oversight tools, gender-specific committees within the House of Representatives, and developing communication skills with the media.

We were honored to organize and attend the training in the presence of several female MPs from the House of Representatives, namely:

Representative Amira Saber _ Representative Martha Mahrous _ Representative Marcelle Samir _ Representative Rihab Abdel Ghany _ Representative Eman El Alfi _ Representative Nashwa El Sherif _ Representative Manal Helal _ Representative Fatima Selim _ Representative Irene Said

The training was also attended by several female representatives from the Senate, namely:

Representative Heba Sharoubim _ Representative Nadia Mabrouk _ Representative Noha Zaki _ Representative Rajia El Faky _ Representative Suha Said.

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