Integrating Gender into Parliamentary Work

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to promoting gender equality and combating gender-based violence through collaboration with various stakeholders, including policymakers and the legislative authority in Egypt, we organized a training program specifically for the assistants and aides of deputies in the Egyptian Parliament.

The primary objective of this training was to equip them with knowledge on topics aimed at alleviating the suffering of women in Egyptian society. This began with an introduction to the concept of gender-based violence and related terms, emphasizing the importance of understanding these issues from both legal and human rights perspectives. We also focused on familiarizing them with discriminatory laws and stressed the significance of approaching legislation from a gender-sensitive perspective.

Furthermore, we were keen to enrich their understanding of the roles and specializations within national legislative councils, emphasizing the crucial relationship between legislation and women’s issues. Additionally, we provided guidance on crafting gender-sensitive policy papers.

Finally, it was necessary to include in the training a comprehensive discussion on women’s health rights, covering sexual and reproductive health rights and other pertinent issues that require attention and action.


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