Towards a Legislation Criminalizing Child Marriage

The phenomenon of child marriage has become an escalating dangerous social practice with increasing rates in recent years, not only in the Arab Republic of Egypt but also in many countries worldwide, especially in African countries and some East Asian countries. However, the situation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where child marriage constitutes violence against children and a violation of their social, economic, and familial rights, makes this phenomenon worthy of investigation and discussion. It deserves legal regulation through criminalization and punishment if the elements of the crime and conditions for punishment are met.

Perhaps the political will to urge the legislative authority to consider issuing a law to criminalize child marriage is an effective and influential support in addressing this phenomenon.

In addition to the efforts of civil society, which is always considered the closest and fastest to monitor and survey such cases and phenomena, and in response to this growing attention around this phenomenon, the following points can be presented on the necessity of issuing a law to criminalize child marriage.

For more information, please check this legal paper by Counsellor Dr. Moataz Mohamed Abu Zeid: (Please note that the legal paper is in Arabic)

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