SafeComm4women campaign

In celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March, Edraak Foundation for Development and Equality ((EFDE) launches today the “#SafeComm4women” campaign, which extends to 20 March and engages with CSW67 theme “Innovation and technological change and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.”


Technology and digital spaces have empowered women in Egypt and MENA at several levels. In many societies where women and girls experience restrictions on their fundamental rights, Internet access and opportunities brought by digital spaces have supported them in overcoming these restrictions and challenges. Many women in our communities still struggle to travel, go out to work, access educational opportunities, or participate actively in the public sphere. Having Internet access has enabled them to communicate, learn, work, build networks, and create “safe” spaces to discuss their issues and tell their stories. Feminist movements have also benefited from digital tools and spaces by reaching women everywhere and overcoming many challenges related to resources and organization.


Despite all the gains, and since digital spaces are an extension of people’s behavior and culture in the actual sphere, digital spaces have also been room for exposure to GBV, discrimination, and imbalance in power relations. Accordingly, women are exposed to violence and discrimination regarding equal and safe access to the digital sphere. Therefore, women’s rights defenders in MENA are working extensively to raise awareness, advocate for women’s rights on safety and security in digital spaces, and push for more responsive policies and services that support women against GBV in the digital sphere.


Consequently, EFDE is launching this campaign to shed light on violence against women in the digital sphere and to emphasize the significant role of digital feminist groups and WHRDs who rely on digital tools and the challenges they face to sustain their activities. The campaign includes posting real stories of violence against women related to the digital sphere, visual materials and infographics from our GBV Crimes Observatory, a webinar on the reality and future of digital feminist groups in Egypt, in addition to a tweeting day about the achievements and challenges of advocating women’s rights on the digital sphere.

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