Emergency case “G” campaign

“Emergency case G” campaign, “Halet Tawareek Geem” in Arabic.

Due to the economic crisis, the menstrual pads considered a recreational commodity, this led to an exaggerated increase in their cost, for this reason, we launched this social media campaign to shed light on alternatives to menstrual pads, and how to use these alternatives healthily and safely.

The campaign reviewed the most popular products in the Egyptian market, including alternatives to menstrual pads, their prices, where to sell them, and how to use them and maintain their cleanliness. In addition, the campaign also reviewed the most famous myths about the menstrual cycle and alternatives to menstrual pads, which girls used to hide in a “black bag” based on the culture of shame that dominates our society.

As we accomplish our activities and programs in a hybrid format, in addition to the previous social media campaigns we organized a set of offline training in these themes.


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