Integrating gender into parliamentary work

Within the framework of the Foundation’s endeavor to achieve gender equality and combat gender-based violence by working with all parties entrusted with achieving this, led by policy makers and the legislative authority in Egypt, the Foundation allocated this training to male and female assistants to representatives in the Egyptian Parliament to provide their knowledge of the topics. Which would reduce the suffering of women in Egyptian society, starting with introducing the concept of gender-based violence and the concepts associated with it, and to take into account the need for them to be familiar with the issues from a legal and legal perspective, we worked to familiarize them with discriminatory laws and the importance of looking at these laws from a gender perspective.

We were also keen to enrich their knowledge regarding national legislative councils in terms of competencies and roles. Legislation and women’s issues, in addition to providing information on how to write gender-sensitive policy papers.

Finally, it was necessary to shed light on women’s health rights through a full explanation of sexual and reproductive health rights and the issues related to them that we need to work on.